The tippy tap challenge is won!

We have built 2298 tippy taps in Windhoek’s informal settlements in April to help people fight coronavirus. A tippy tap is a simple solution for hand washing. The challenge was part of the SAIS Living Permaculture project.

Photo Credits: CoolEarth.com

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our supporters

The German Liselotte foundation funded the producers, tools and materials. Thank you for making this project possible! Wiebke Volkmann was the mastermind, prototype builder, logistics manager and heart and soul of the initiative. Thanks, Wiebke!

Team, you are the champions

These are some of our 28 producers

“The tippy tap project really helped us to buy food during this time of lock down. This project taught us how to communicate well to people in our communities and handle challenges within the community. I am willing to participate in any other work available and I am so thankful to be part of the team.”  – One of the producers

Many thanks to Tariro for entering every single tippy tap into an excel sheet and to Cathy for the website and PR. 

What is a tippy tap?

The tippy tap is a hands free way to wash your hands. You only need a few basic materials and it uses minimal water. As it’s operated by a foot lever, there’s less chance of transferring germs. Learn how to make your own tippy tap here.

Why is it so important to wash your hands?

The Coronavirus is a tiny germ. It is protected by a thin layer of fat. When you wash your hands with soap, the foam dissolves the fat and that breaks the Coronavirus germ.

What is the right way to wash hands with a tippy tap?

1. Wet your hands. 

2. Use the soap, make nice foam in your hands and rub them together on both sides for 20 seconds or more. 

3. Rinse off your hands under the water.

4. Let your hands dry in the sun. 

Die Coronavirus is ’n klein kiem wat deur ’n dun lagie vet beskerm word. Wanneer jy jou hande met seep was, los die skuim die vet op wat die Coronavirus-molekule afbreek.

Wat is die regte manier om jou hande met ’n tippy tap te was?

1. Maak jou hande nat.

2. Gebruik die seep, maak lekker skuim in jou hande en vryf jou hande aan albei kante vir 20 sekondes of langer. 

3. Spoel jou hande onder die water af.

4. Laat jou hande in die son droogword.

Ombuto yoCorona okambakiteli/ okatyemikolo okashona. Oya gamenwa komagadhi omashona oko ya tungila. Ngele owa yogo omake goye nothewa, etutu ota li hengumunapo omagadhi ngoka haga vala ombuto ndjoka tayi ithanwa Corona. 

Omukalo guni guli mondjila gokwiiyoga komake uuna tolongitha oka tippy tap? 

1. Tutika omake goye

2. Longitha othewa, ninga etutu lyothewa nawa momake goye ngoye to gwayeke etutu meni nokombanda yomake goye. Nalikaleko oosekonde omilongo mbali nenge dhi vulepo. 

3. Simpula omake goye nomeya taga tondoka komake 

4. Etha omake ga kukute momutenya

The tippy tap challenge

ProducersTippy Taps

Click here to watch the video as Maria clearly explains how to use a tippy tap.

“Having a tippy tap is a game changer in my household. We will now be saving more water and we’ll be safe from getting diseases.”

Simon, Goreangab resident

Kudos Comrades!

It’s great to know we are not alone: Development Workshop Namibia is building tippy taps in Ombili and will be expanding their project to other settlements. These guys are calling serious numbers. Inspiring and wonderful! (Click on image to get the full details)

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